SA Point Score Show dates & Winners

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Point Score Dates

Please note:

The chihuahua club pointscore for longcoat and smoothcoat of the year will not be awarded in 2020 due to the lack of shows for qualification. The committee will nominate shows for the 2021 pointscore as soon as practiciple.

****Please make sure your membership is up to date as dogs owned in whole or in partnership of non-members will be ineligible for the point score competition****

How the Points work

Points are cumulative, and are allocated as follows:

  • Best in Show = 5
  • RUBIS = 3
  • Class in Show = 1
  • Best in Group = 5
  • RUBIG = 3
  • Class in Group

(& Group 3 or 4 ) = 1

  • Best of Breed = 5
  • RUBOB = 2
  • Challenge = 3
  • Res CC = 2, class win = 1

We won’t re-assign a point score show if it is cancelled due to the Hot Weather Policy. Please keep this list handy, as Point Scores will not necessarily be printed in a club’s schedule. Only financial members of the Chihuahua Club of SA Inc are eligible.

****Please note, all owners of co-owned dogs must be financial members****




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