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Committee - 2017/18

All Queries addressed to Secretary - [email protected]

President & NCC Deligate Vicki Leonard
Vice President Bev Leonard
Secretary and NCC Deligate Jenifer Nichols
Assistant Secretary Robyn Stapleton
Treasurer Anabel Gunn
Committee Heather Cooper
Committee Jon Gunn

To be on the committee of your breed club is a solid commitment, and to those current committee we thank you for your continued support, time and effort that you put in to see the club move forward in the future.

To those past committee who have helped build the club, we appreciate your knowledge and generosity to volunteering to help promote and recognise our great breed.



Mrs Marj Fisher

Mrs June Anderson


Life Members

       Mr A Rochford       Miss J Sandy     Mrs J Anderson

                                       Mrs P Norris   Mrs A Wright    Mrs E Crabb     Mrs M Squire   Mrs B Leonard

                                    Mrs Y Hinder  Miss H Cooper  Mrs D Lose   Mrs I Nicholls    Mrs R Stapleton


Past Life Members 

Mrs T Gray                                Mr J Norris

 Mrs M Cooper                           Mrs K Lamkin

Mr J Senior                              Mr K Squire

                                                             Mrs P Harris                            Mrs P Rochford/Losic 

                                                            Mrs B Cooper                            Mr D Anderson 

     Mrs S Ellbourne                           Mr S Elbourne 


Badge of Merit

Miss H Cooper                      Mrs B Leonard

                                                             Mrs Y Hinder                        Mr G Hinder

 Mrs G Checker                     Miss V Leonard


Long Service Award

Mrs B Thompson

Mrs D Roediger

Mrs I Nicholls



[email protected]


Contact Details

Chihuahua Club of South Australia
Adelaide, SA, Australia
Email : [email protected]